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Lange nichts mehr geschrieben, hab ne Menge zu tun mit meinem Bein.
Seit Donnerstag darf ich wieder auftreten nur is das ganze ziemlich scheiß, es tut weh im Knie, der Wade und im Fußgelenk und ich muss immer die Schiene tragen wegen dieser scheiß Fußlähmung...
Immerhin ist es ein Schritt zur besserung und ich hoffe mal dass in einem Monat alles wieder halbwegs normal ist

Hier ein Video was ich neulich gefunden habe... Ich liebe diesen Scheiß :D
Ist leider nich leicht zu verstehn also hab ich das meiste mal rausgeschrieben
Geht um den Supergitarrist John Petrucci der da sein Equipment erklärt :D

welcome back guitar noobs , this is my pedal board of death
people think i use this board for changing effects and different amp channels and amplifiers
but actually these are the different presets i use to kill people...
this one releases killer bees from the footstep beside me
this ones is trial tear, which means chinese man jumps from the roof and slices your face open
this ones a mine placed under the audience floor, blow up people
both are pretty amazing
oh, this ones also
this is the michael angelo preset right here
what happens is michael angelo batio drops down from the roof with four guitars and slices your face open with each every one
sure.. tonight i'd say... twenty thousand people will die
these are guitar cabinets, they're just for show i dont use them
ph heres is my guitar tech, yngwie malmsteen. i found him rotting in a ditch one day
he told me he had a carrier once but i dont believe a word that comes out of his fat mouth he just eats cheese cake all day
over here is my guitars ,they are treaded by ultra orange light these are to prevent the guitars from melting because i shred so fast
yngwie wants to show me this i dont know what it is i just take al look

oh yes special chemicals yeah for the hands
see what happens during shows my hands wear out and the muscles will die
so the chemicals basicly build back the muscles rapidly so i can play 50 billion notes per second
so this is chemicals for me, and only i can afford these chemicals so i need this chemicals badly
so right now im absorbing the chemicals through the cup and into my hand right now
so thats my world guitar noobs youre all fuckin shit and dont try to be like me

So hier ist der link
29.7.06 14:02


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